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Through Picasso's Eyes

Virtual Pleinair Painting

$65+ / person

8 - 50 people

3 hours


Virtual Workshop - Online via Zoom!

"Pay What You Want"

20% of the proceeds will be donated to: Pick Your Nonprofit

Based in Brooklyn, New York, born in Minsk, Belarus, Yulia Ruditskaya's whimsical style of animation and illustration have been screened at festivals from Portugal to Japan, gaining wide recognition around the world.

Since 2002, Yulia has worked as а director, animator, illustrator and designer for various independent projects for brands, musicians, educational and non-profit clients. Her work has included music videos, artistic and independent passion projects that fulfill her creatively.

📣[HCD Announcement 3] “Through Picasso’

About Yulia

Brooklyn-based filmmaker/animator

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Fly with us to our next travel destination, #togetherathome

About The Workshop:

Are you sick and tired of staying in your apartment? We've come up with ideas to keep you safe and yet see the world.


As hard as it is not to fly until a certain time, it's best that we keep ourselves safe. Use this opportunity to escape virtually with us, where we take you to paint around the world. Make a Picasso inspired masterpiece and re-create your travel experience together (but not together).

Our artist will virtually guide you on how to paint a beautiful pleinair scene through the wonderful eyes of Picasso. Understand different cultures. Be inspired by beauty everywhere. All you need is your imagination!

This activity is absolutely no experience necessary. No need to worry about messing up since it's all about abstract! You have the option to choose your favorite destination spot for your participants. The rest is just following along with our artist and the journey of Through Picasso's Eyes

Price: $65 per person

Capacity: 8-50 people

Duration: 3 hours

How it will work? Read our terms→

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