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Watercolor Figure Painting

$65+ / person

8 - 50 people

2 hours


Private Virtual Or In-Person Workshop

Claire Wilson is a fine artist, creative educator, and textile designer living in Brooklyn, NY. Through her work, she’s drawn to the re-contextualization of the beauty in nature and figurative studies while she explores the use of colour, shape, and line. The paintings are connected by a vibrant colour language, and her hope is to capture a lightness, softness, and calm amongst the chaos of everyday life. When she’s painting she observes objects and people as shapes, shadows, patterns, colour, and compositions in a way that she doesn't in her everyday life. Painting brings her peace, and her hope is to convey the same sense of connection and moment of pause to the viewer by documenting a space, pose, movement, or moment in time.

About Claire

Textile Designer

& Illustrator

Body Confidence Through Art

Understand the beauty that lies in diversity.

Currently operating during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

About The Workshop:

In the world of Photoshop and Instagram filters, the desire to enhance body image has been more significant than ever. It is a very common issue today, particularly for women. With advertisements and pictures of a certain ideal continuously bombarding us, it is easy to start feeling bad for our bodies.


​In this workshop, we celebrate all bodies and help everyone to understand the value of individuality. Challenge media's definition of beauty and acceptance of all bodies through art and creativity. Learn watercolor figure painting from our artists Claire Wilson, she will take you step by step on how to turn colors into minimal lines and figures.

Let's bring your people together.

The class will start with 30 mins of basic watercolor techniques and color blending theory. Follow by 1 hour of step by step figure drawing tutorial. Finish up with 30 mins of live model freestyle painting. 

All-inclusive Package:

A watercolor kit will be sent to every member of your team prior to the workshop.

  • Paintbrush set

  • Heavyweight cardstock papers

  • Watercolor pan set

Price: $65 per person

Capacity: 8-50 people

Duration: 2 hours

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For In-Person Workshop: Limited to 15 people. For more details please make an inquiry.

Virtual bachelorette parties are now available with handsome naked male models. Contact us for more details.

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