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Word Nonsense

A Writing Relief &

Open Dialogue

With Little Mai Sunshine

$35+ / person

6 - 50 people

1 hours


Virtual Workshop - Online via Zoom!

Who is Mai Sunshine?

Started in 2013, Little Mai Sunshine originated as a fashion blog for my suburban college days to document my daily outfits in a collective outlet. Now, it has evolved into a multifaceted brand encompassing a creative slew of writing, photos, everyday musings, that reflect my ever-blossoming journey. Little Mai Sunshine is a personal publication striving to openly share intimate conversations in various aspects of everyone's lives—slow living, mental health, style & travel, and simply understanding our natural wellbeing—in an effort to help us all achieve a deeper connection with our stories.

20% of the proceeds will be donated to Black Owned Restaurants & Feed Those In Need & the supporting artists

Word Nonsense- Pause: As everything shut

About Mai

Creator, Writer &

Community Organizer

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Writing As Protest & Therapy Can Help Us And The World

Where music meets writing, magic happens.

About The Workshop:

How to channel your mental energy towards positive action?

There’s no denying that we’ve come to some trying times in our lives and are all looking for ways to cope with the anxiety and uncertainty as we look to each other for support and comfort. Writing is one of the best medicines to tap into our creative minds to provide a moment of therapy and cathartic release.


This workshop is designed to provide a space in which we can find comfort in our words and relief in our thoughts. You don’t need to be an experienced writer or feel the need to accomplish a finished piece, this is simply meant to come together and allow the most nonsense of words to be our source of inspiration during this time.

So come with a pen, paper, maybe even a bottle of wine, and an open mind to discover some new ways to tap into our imaginative subconscious and free writing:)

We will start off the hour with a Music Performer to help set the mood and topic. Then we will explore some prompts to open up our minds. At the end of the workshop, you have the opportunity to share your piece or how you feel about it.

Price: $35 per person

Capacity: 6-50 people

Duration: 1 hours

How it will work? Read our terms→

5 Years Later - Little Mai Sunshine

5 Years Later - Little Mai Sunshine

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