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The Masketeer's Club

Mask Made In Fashion

Private Reservations Only

Virtual Workshop - Online via Zoom!

"Pay What You Want"

20% of the proceeds will be donated to American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Vlada immigrated from the Ukraine at the age of 14. Growing up in Ukraine she was considered a child prodigy pianist.  Her arrival in the United States in the late nineties, signaled a significant change in her interests. Influenced greatly by her mother's hobbies which included knitting, sewing, and jewelry design, Vlada began her interest of the handmaid by making handbags, clothing and of course hats. At the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, she found a love for the imperfect. The items that were made by hand didn't have a perfect industrial era cut, so grew her love of the imperfect handmade item.

About Vlada

About Vlada

NYC Hat Maker

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Don't let anyone steal that smile away from you!

About The Workshop:

Facial expressions are a very essential part of life. Wearing masks can make us feel mute, and it's hard to see smiling faces. How do we adapt in a world where facial expressions are invisible?


In this workshop, we wanted to transform function into style and focus on the creativity of these masks. Customize it with your team and express your personality. It's time to learn how to smile with your mask!


The options for your workshop as follows:


1. Painting

-Your smile

2. Embroidery




3. Create your own

Price: $55 per person

Capacity: 8-50 people

Duration: 2 hours

How it will work? Read our terms→

Currently only available for private events. Click here for an inquiry

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