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Mondays, 7:00 - 9:00 pm EST US & Canada

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Claire Wilson is a fine artist, creative educator, and textile designer living in Brooklyn, NY. Through her work, she’s drawn to the re-contextualization of the beauty in nature and figurative studies while she explores the use of colour, shape, and line. The paintings are connected by a vibrant colour language, and her hope is to capture a lightness, softness, and calm amongst the chaos of everyday life. When she’s painting she observes objects and people as shapes, shadows, patterns, colour, and compositions in a way that she doesn't in her everyday life. Painting brings her peace, and her hope is to convey the same sense of connection and moment of pause to the viewer by documenting a space, pose, movement, or moment in time.

About Claire

Textile Designer

& Illustrator

Paint & Give A postcard for the care homes or your loved ones.

Selected Mondays, 7:00 - 9:00 pm EST U.S & Canada

"Pay What You Want"

Proceeds will be donated to No Kid Hungry & the supporting artist

Let's help feed kids from the less fortunate families

About The Workshop:

Flowers blossom in the spring and fade in the autumn. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could maintain its elegance and admire it through art?


Learn watercolor painting on postcards, with the option to send your postcard to support care homes, or give to your loved ones for any occasion. Information on how to send the postcards will be given during the workshop.​

Claire Wilson, a textile designer, and watercolor painting enthusiast will guide you step by step to paint these stunning floral postcards.

Let's give back to the community, help out those in need, and bring happy creative times to everyone at home.

Feel free to join the workshop using any painting method of your preference or check out supplies list:

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Why we are supporting

No Kid Hungry

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