Your Next Event With Us

Happy Creative Dig Welcomes You

Dear Guests, 

Welcome to Happy Creative Dig, your reservation with us is happening soon. 🎉


Just a friendly reminder, as Peerspace policy, your check-in & check-out time should be the same as your booking hours. If you need to increase the hours to set up or clean up, please make an update at least 6 hours before the event. 




  • Close the front entrance door at all times. We are on street level, there can be many uninvited guests ( flies, things that crawl, or sometimes even party crashers ) we don’t want anything to disturb your guests. 

  • NO glitter, confetti. No balloons with glitters inside, if you plan on popping it at the end. Anything that can splatter all over the space is not allowed. An additional $50 cleaning fee will be charged if any of the above are found in the space.

  • Loud music & DJ is not allowed- Upstairs is residential and they are very sensitive to noise.


We are located at:

265 S 1st St #1H
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Upon arrival, make sure to look for
Unit 1H

Please don't disturb our neighbor, as oftentimes people mistook our doors.


Trouble Accessing?
Ring the doorbell and we will open it for you remotely.


Control is on top of the TV Shelf

Feel free to adjust the temperature to your liking. Apologies in advance for our loft's old heater system is a bit slow on the warming up. 😅

Please make sure you turn it down to

60 degrees upon check out.

Control is located on the left

of entrance door,

Please make sure you turn it

OFF upon check out.




Feel free to ask Alexa to play some light music.
She's located on top of the TV


Message us on Peerspace if you have any questions or need assistance during your event. Otherwise, we hope you have a blast!

Happy Creative Dig

P.S. Please tag us ♥️


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Join Our Upcoming Workshops

What makes us different?

A happy creative environment where we share an intimate and personal experience.

Passionate artists who use their art & creativity as a tool to making a difference.

Each workshop promotes a positive social impact for the world

A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to selected nonprofits.

Our workshops

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Paint & give a postcard to your loved ones 

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(Virtual or IRL) With Us

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Girl's Night In
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