Please Read:

  • When it's time to leave 😥 : Everyone must exit the space by your end time, any extensions that weren't agreed upon prior may result in a 1.5X overtime charge.

  • The space must be left in a professional state.

  • Take away ALL any items, decorations, or setups you have brought with you or taken down and in the trash bag. Do not leave them hanging in the space. 

  • Any dishes, glasses you have used, place them in the dishwasher and run it. Any extra please place them neatly in the sink.

  • Any furniture moved *MUST* be put back to where you found it.

  • Additional Cleaning Fees may be charged if the cleaner exceeds her standard cleaning hours.




  Additional bags  

All trash goes to the Tall Grey Bin.

  • Additional Black Garbage Bags are in the drawers.

  • Place all trash bags next to the trash bins, inside the loft.

  • Please ensure it’s not leaking and our cleaner will take them out.

Recycle bins (Blue & Grey)

  • The Clear Bags are ONLY for recycles.

  • If you throw items that are non-recyclable in the Clear Bags, an additional trash organizing fee of $100 may occur. Due to DSNY will not pick them up.

Don't Forget:

  • Turn OFF the lights, except our plant frow lights.

  • Winter: Turn down the heater to 55

  • Summer: Turn OFF the AC

Lock The Door❗️

  • 1 Touch by pressing the RED button at the bottom of the keypad.


Forgot Anything?

  • Message us on Peerspace ASAP. 


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Join Our Upcoming Workshops

What makes us different?

A happy creative environment where we share an intimate and personal experience.

Passionate artists who use their art & creativity as a tool to making a difference.

Each workshop promotes a positive social impact for the world

A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to selected nonprofits.

Our workshops

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Paint & give a postcard to your loved ones 

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(Virtual or IRL) With Us

Team Building
Girl's Night In
Birthday Celebration
Bachelorette/Bachelor Party
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